Residential 1-Bedroom Apartments
Quiet, Care-Free 1-Bedroom Furnished Apartments

The Prospect Complex Apartments are Furnished 1-Bedroom Residential Apartments rented with negotable lease terms to meet your needs. Our property management service is unmatched, and most of our tenants choose to continually renew their lease and reside here for many years. In fact, our apartment complex is so appreciated by the tenants that many have lived here for over 10, 20, even over 30 years.

As a convenience, Utilities, Basic WiFi Internet & 70 Channel Cable Are Included In The Rent, relieving the burden of having to pay separate utility bills. Our residential apartments are furnished with the essential furniture one would expect in order to live comfortably. Parking for one car is also included at no additional charge.

As with any residential apartment, tenants must bring their own personal belongings such as bedsheets, pillows, electronics, television, radio, dishes, small appliances, etc., and install their phone services. Tenants can also order their own dedicated high-speed internet and/or more cable channels from the cable company if they desire more than what we provide.

Security deposit and the first month's rent are required to move into an apartment.

Our Residential Apartments offer the following amenities:

Standard Utilities Included
70 Channel Cable Included
Basic WiFi Internet Included

Furnished 1-Bedroom Apartments
Fullsize Kitchens Available
Built-in Air Conditioning Available
Apartments with Large Closets
Many Floorplans Available
Wall to Wall Carpeting
Elevator Access

Safe, Secured, Quiet Building
Tranquil, Peaceful Living
Indoor Corridors Throughout
Negotiable Lease Terms
Ample Parking Lot (free parking)
Coin Operated Laundry Facilities
Property Management on Premises
Computerized Video Security System
Security Deposit Required
Credit Cards Accepted

Clean * Quiet * Secure

All Apartments Are Furnished
Standard Utilities Included
70 Channel Cable Included
Basic WiFi Internet Included

Care-Free Living With NO BILLS

Standard 1-Bedroom Apartments from $675/month
with efficiency kitchenette (does not include A/C)

Deluxe 1-Bedroom Apartments from $750/month
with full-size kitchen & built-in A/C

Security Deposit Required * Credit Cards Accepted
Apartments are Non-Smoking * Sorry, No Pets

Contact us for current or upcoming availability.

For apartment showing appointments call us at
(315) 866-4400

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Controlled Access Keeps Unwanted People Off The Property